Nunude Changes the definition of Nude in the Oxford dictionary for real!

Nunude Changes the definition of Nude in the Oxford dictionary for real!

The former definition of Nude was narrowly defined as “pink – beige” this scope has now been changed to “all shades of nude” with the help of Company Nunude

Sunday, February 28th, 2017:  Vabyanti Endrojono - Ellis and Joanne Baban Morales, affiliates of Oxford University, started company Nunude in October 2016, since the companies inauguration they have been campaigning against the former narrowly defined definition of nude which was described as ‘light pinkish beige’ in the Oxford dictionary. After campaigning and spreading the word through social media explicitly problematising this narrow definition it seems that Oxford dictionary has listened to their pleas by expanding the scope of the definition to “all shades of nude”.

To celebrate the success of the definition change and the success of their company in such a short space of time, Nunude organised a fashion show on the 26th February calling it “Taking diversity to a whole new level” and this is exactly what they did.  The participants of the fashion show included Katie Maguire and Claire Ibbitson (@dwarfperformer); both models defy the stereotypes of what model is ‘supposed’ to look like and are creating a new type of beauty which spans wider than the current stereotype. Nunude wants to change the perceptions of beauty that the media forcefully imposes on the public by introducing a plethora of models from different backgrounds, ethnicities and abilities. Nunude believes that the media and fashion industry has reached the absolute pinnacle of ridiculousness, everyday people are now being compelled more than ever to visit the doctor’s surgery to augment and enhance their bodies – Nunude wants this to change.


Claire Ibbitson captured by Petros Photography

Models lined up before the show captured by Elishama Udurok

By successfully getting the definition changed Nunude believes that they have reached their first milestone, however, they believe that they still have a long way to go. By continually representing the under – represented Nunude believes that they will be the movers and shakers within the fashion and media industry promoting diversity within ethnicities, shapes and sizes through their campaigns which will hopefully provide an impetus for other companies to follow suit.

About Nunude

Nunude is a progressive fashion brand that provides nude attire to suit all skin tones. Through their campaigns Nunude promotes cultural and physical diversity defying the media stereotypes. Having only launched in November 2016, Nunude has gained a huge Instagram following of 75,000, the brand’s fan base continues to grow daily and will be happy to hear an opening of a pop up store in April. Nunude’s social media virality has led to article write ups from Bloomberg, Cosmopolitan, Yahoo Beauty and The Affinity Magazine in one article, they have been named  “ the most important fashion brand out there”.

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