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Nunude is a fashion brand that promotes diversity, inclusivity and body positivity. Born out of the frustration for the lack of representation and accommodation of ethnic minorities and different body types within the fashion industry. Nunude launched 22nd October 2016, the initial idea was to unite women of all ethnicities and skin colours together through fashion and through the redefinition of the word nude, a definition which is inclusive of all skin colours and ethnicities. As Nunude continued their journey we actually came to the realisation that it was not just women of certain skin colours that were underrepresented but also women of different body sizes and abilities. It became the Nunude team's passion to create a brand that would be representative of all types of women and hopefully through this representation women will feel included, beautiful and more confident about the skin they are in.




Co-Founder: Vabyanti Endrojono Ellis
Background: Economics Bsc RHUL, Development Economics MPhil Oxford University
Professional Background: Business Analyst, Editorial Analyst
Co-Founder: Joanne Baban Morales
Background: Media Production BA RHUL, Online Digital Marketing 
Professional Background: Events company business owner, Fox Media Intern