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 Who is Nunude 

Nünude is a community brand, that promotes diversity, inclusivity and body positivity.  we unite women with visible and invisible differences through everything that we do!  Born out of the frustration for the lack of representation and accommodation of ethnic minorities and different body types within the fashion industry. Nunude launched in Feb 2017, the initial idea was to unite women of all ethnicities and skin colours together through  through the redefinition of the word nude, a definition which is inclusive of all skin colours and ethnicities. 
In March 2017, alongside our petition and viral campaign, we successfully changed the definition of the word 'nude' in the Oxford dictionary. 
As Nunude continued their journey we actually came to the realisation that it was not just women of certain skin colours that were underrepresented but also women of different body sizes and abilities. 
What do we do?
We help women with their confidence by representing the underrepresented. We give opportunities to the ones who want but are ignored. We act as a voice and movement to break the boundaries of beauty and how it is perceived.
It became the Nunude team's passion to create not only a brand, but a movement and safe community that would be representative of all types of women and hopefully through this representation women will feel included, beautiful and more confident about the skin they are in.

How do we do this

Through our campaigns we touch the world, we express our love for diversity and challenge the ones who need to hear about diversity.

We hold events and workshops around the topics of self love, body confidence and unity. We go into schools to do the same for our amazing younger generations to help shape them into strong women who are supportive of one another.

Why do we do this?

We started in 2016 when diversity wasn’t a topic anyone cared about, we were the pioneers of diversity! We started with skin colours and body shapes by changing the word NUDE in the Oxford Dictionary, we then very quickly grew to including EVERYONE that wasn’t ever included. We continue to grow to make a difference.
Social media, the fashion industry and even media industry are all at fault for creating unnecessary pressures unrealistic beauty standards through the representation of one type of desired look by major brands. Social media has continued this pressure of the 'perfect look' with almost all influencers looking the same. We believe our movement is an influencer, our brand is an influencer and our customers/supporters are influencers. We are POSITIVE influencers breaking the boundaries of beauty. 
Pressures of social media, lack of representations in industries work hand in hand in our world's mental health. We are here to help combat this and show that REAL is BEAUTIFUL, REAL is POWERFUL and REAL is LOVED.

Giving back

We only use our own customers/supporters/community for all of our campaigns. This means that absolutely anyone can be the face of our community brand. No limitations at all and no need for any experience, we just want your passion. 
Our photoshoots end up being a day of meeting amazing women who end up being close friends to us and the women they meet. Everything about our community brand is an experience!
As part of the community side of the brand, we hold regular events where you can get involved in our activities and networking to feel leaving empowered. Some of our events are tight knitted workshops and social circles where we target the topics that aren't spoken of such as domestic violence, sexual abuse, depression, anxiety and many more. Our events have practical activities to help over come such issues. 
We frequently hold public speaking events and workshops at schools and colleges which we do completely free for us to be able to work with young girls and help shape them into powerful, strong and confident women. 
- 5/8 of our campaigns have gone viral on social media 
- Having given aspiring models the chance we have been the bridge between them and huge successes, our girls have gone on to be discovered after being involved with us. 
- Changing the definition of Nude in Oxford Dictionary 
- Globally recognised in major press in 12 countries, 4 continents around the world. 
Want to support and be a part of the community?
Anyone can support!
We are able to do what we do through our brands products.
Buying a Nünude item, receiving it in the post with our story, our campaigns and our inspirational quotes — hep uplift! Sending a photo of you in your item and telling your story is how you can help us spread the word.

We are a community brand and we want you FULLY involved ❤



CEO & Owner: Joanne Baban Morales
Background: Media Production BA RHUL,
Online Digital Marketing with Google. 
Professional Background: Entrepreneur from age 20 & Marketing Specialist
- Finalist at Virgin Voom Pitch 2018 
- Finalist at GBEA Awards - Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2018
Contact: joanne@nunudebrand.co.uk
Customer Service: info@nunudebrand.co.uk
PR: anna@nunudebrand.co.uk 
Collabs / Content: hana@nunudebrand.co.uk