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About us: Why Nude

In an industry that may be lacking in nude diversity, Nünude are opening our eyes to a whole new world. Owners, Vaby and Joanne, met when they started college and clicked automatically due to their shared passion and entrepreneurial way of thinking. The pair are working extremely hard on creating the best colours they can to match universal skin tones, not only for underwear but for clothes that are on-trend. They are very aware that there are many different shades of ‘nude’ and everyone’s skin colour suits a different tone.


Nunude Logo
Nunude launched 22nd October 2016, our initial idea was to unite women of all ethnicities and skin colours together through fashion and through the redefinition of the word nude. As we continued our journey we actually came to the realisation that it was not just women of certain skin colours that were underrepresented but also women of different body sizes and abilities. It became our passion to make Nunude a movement focusing on these types of women to not only represent them but to also prove to them that they should love themselves unapologetically. 
Our first ever campaign was completely unsuccessful, we were trying so hard to focus on skin colours and completely dismissed the idea of 'diversity that we promote.
October 2016 Campaign:
Nude Skin Colour Underwear & Nude Swimsuit
We really take our feedback into consideration, we therefore decided to revise the colours, the quality of the actual materials used and also re plan a whole new shoot with a diverse set of models. It was imperative to make a statement 'we are a movement not just a brand'.
The #SkinIsNude campaign took 2 months to plan with much more attention to detail, diverse range of models differing from size, ethnicity and skin colour. The campaign was also planned to help us get signatures for our petition against the actual definition on nude in the Oxford dictionary. 
December 2016 - #SkinIsNude Campaign 
All races, all ethnicities and all skin colours
We were completely overwhelmed to see this image go viral. The instagram @nunude_official went from 22k to 71k in the space of just 5 days! 
The likes of Tyra Banks reposted this image 
Tyra Banks Model
As a result of the image going viral and also being featured in:

Oxford dictionary changed the definition at the beginning of  Feb 2017 from: 


Nude definition petition


Nude definition

Although, our campaign was a huge success, we were still unsatisfied with our lack of diversity. We wanted to take diversity to a whole new level by including women with different types of abilities, which we felt were also underrepresented in the Fashion and Media industry. 
Nunude Diversity Fashion Show 22nd February 2017
Watch link:
Dwarfism is beautiful  Katie
The Fashion Show was a huge success with over 350 guests. This motivated us to great an event bigger and better campaign. 
Self Love Campaign April 2017: 
We have just completed our new campaign called self love where we actually include MANY types of women in the hope to not only inspire individuals but other brands to do the same. 
Albanism model is beautiful  Vitiligo model is beautiful  Dwarfism model is beautiful
 Freckles are beautiful Plus is diverse and beautiful
The whole point of Nunude is to make women feel absolutely beautiful! We hope that our customers go through a journey in their purchasing experience from the moment they even engage with our content to the moment they wear their Nunude items. 

We want to break this idea of 'perfection' and be completely different. We want to be the brand that makes EVERY woman feel like 'wow thats my body and it looks amazing on her so it will look amazing on me'. Stretch marks. cellulite, vitiligo, albanism etc whatever your difference may be it is absolutely beautiful. - Thats our message.

It is so important as nowadays society focus on the idea of 'perfection' with the likes of the Kardashians being worshipped for their unnatural bodies and faces, women who are under confident for MANY reasons find themselves comparing themselves to the likes of these celebrities. Huge fashion brands also focus on the idea of 'perfection' by using models who have no flaws whatsoever to represent all their campaigns, i even find myself comparing myself to certain models and campaigns thinking "i will never look like that" which in a sense puts you off buying certain things from certain brands. 
So many people would compare us to other brands with the same concept of providing 'skin colour apparel' but the root to the problem was the actual definition of the word nude in the dictionary. If we changed the definition then all fashion brands that use the word 'nude' to describe a beige piece of clothing would be grammatically wrong and this is a step forward in the right direction.