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Five Natural Moisturisers

Today we are bringing you five natural moisturisers that are probably already sitting in your cupboards at home. Use alone or combine the ingredients to create your perfect formula.
Honey contains lots of antioxidants which have antibacterial properties, helping unclog pores and provide moisture. Perfect for you babes with oily skin!
There are lots of natural oils that are perfect for moisturising. They also double up as an affordable and easy makeup remover! Our favourites are coconut oil, argon oil and coconut oil! But you can use whatever you have at home.
Who would have thought this yummy food was also fab for your face!? Avocado contains lots of healthy fats and nutrients which are great at hydrating the skin. It also works perfectly as an exfoliant mixed with honey and sugar.
Milk is anti-inflammatory, which makes it extremely soothing and amazing for dry skin. You may be wondering how to use it - simply soak your face cloth in it and leave to sit on the skin whilst you relax - easy!
Similarly to milk, Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory properties, which is why you might have heard of its use to treat stings and burns. But that also makes it amazing to use for extremely dry and cracked skin - for extra moisture, combine it with one of our other ingredients!

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