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Why Diversity and Inclusion is Important to the World of Fashion

The concepts of diversity and inclusion aren’t just words to us.
They aren’t trends we follow or something that we view as in-fashion one minute and out of style the next. Diversity and inclusion are integrated into everything we do - it’s our passion and our purpose. And we chose the artistic medium of fashion to paint the world into an image that represents all the dynamic, beautiful, and colourful people we encounter every day.
If you’re over 20-years-old, you probably remember hurting yourself as a child and your mother or father rushing you to the bathroom to get you all cleaned up with the dreaded hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol and a band-aid. If you didn’t have a band-aid with your favourite cartoon on it, then you probably had the standard “skin tone” band-aid. Then, as you grew into your adult self and into new things, you probably noticed that all the undergarments, shoes, and clothing that were labeled as “nude” or “skin tone” always only came in one or two skin tones and, more times than not, that didn’t match your, or your friends’, skin tone.
This is what drove us to fashion. This is why we created Nu Nude.
We saw a lack of representation in fashion and marketing in general, and we wanted to do something about it. Look around you - what do you see? We see gorgeous faces, bubbling personalities, and storied backgrounds filled with people from every culture, ability, skin tone, and gender expression. And the fact that the fashion industry and marketing kept excluding the majority of the world - we felt that they were saying something.
And we wanted to say something else.
So we are speaking our truth and creating a new avenue of expression for the many unheard and unseen communities through fashion. Fashion does more than set trends; it forges the cultural markers that come to identify entire generations. It drives and defines culture, and we want our style and marketing to create a new wave of representation. Fashion should represent, reflect, and highlight all the differences that make us all unique in a way that allows us to all shine bright and brilliant.
The world is not one size fits all; there isn’t one demographic more important than any others or one image that should define beauty. We all create and contribute to what makes this world beautiful, so we want to ensure that all its gorgeous faces and experiences are represented and included. It’s time to challenge and reimagine the monolithic images we grew up with, and with fashion, we can use our skin tone, body shapes, and sizes with beautiful materials and conjure a magic all our own.


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