"Instagram worthy" - SAYS WHO?
I want you to understand and KNOW that YOU decide what is "Instagram worthy" not your likes, not your followers, no one else but YOU!  Let’s start to really influence each other in a positive, real, all-encompassing way. If we don’t see influencers that look like us, let’s make ourselves influencers. If there’s no other pages that we can go on to help us feel good in the morning let’s be those pages!
That’s what Nünude stands for, that’s what I stand for and that what I want you to feel as a supporter of Nünude.
When we look at social media influencers and their perfect pictures that according to my mini experiment AND experience of knowing social media influences, it takes them at least 20-100 shots in 20-100 poses with a face full of make -up, perfect hair or some skin showing in a sexy pose , we are subconsciously being influenced into thinking their perfect picture is naturally easy work. They get thousands of followers and likes and we think ah why don’t I look like that? 
In a way, social media is a an influence tool that is used by us, the users, to compare ourselves to what is perceived to be as perfect and beautiful, and i wonder who is this even according to?
Let's help us love ourselves, feel confident in ourselves and let's be the ones who decide what is "Instagram worthy" and what isn't  ❤
I took the initiative to conduct a mini experiment: 
I posted two pictures: 
1. Completely natural, no editing, no make up and with my body completely relaxed. 
2. Make up done, hair done, breathing in so hard whilst trying to think of the perfect pose with a hopeful symmetrical angle. 
Instagram worthy vs not instagram worthy - social media influencer or not? Says who
Pictured: CEO & Owner of Nunude @iamjoanne_x
From past experience, when I posted a photo with better lighting, good posing and make up, I would get a lot of engagement, followers and comments, I actually expected this, this time round. However to my surprise these were my results:
Natural post vs non natural post, social influencers trends

The reason why I posted on both pages, was to see if historical content mattered. Nunude is known for body positive images, natural images, diverse images. My personal profile is just a mixture of things with no exact pattern. I initially expected to have more engagement on my natural picture on the Nunude profile than on my personal profile, but i was proved wrong, on both profiles my natural pictures received more engagement. 


natural photo instagram engagement,
On @nunude_official page: 
I just wanted to share this because it's an actual experiment that truly boosted my confidence, so much so that i can't wait to post another completely natural and relaxed picture. 
Please can i reiterate that i am NOT saying posing is wrong, hell no! I am simply saying we shouldn't pressurise ourselves and get ourselves down and caught up in the "perfect look". <3 
Natural photo got more engagement, more profile views, likes and comments than edited, make up photo. 
Lets start to embrace our natural selves because we are ALL instagram worthy!
I challenge you to experiment the above.
natural photos can go viral too! Lets be real  
Win any 3 items of Nunude for you AND 2 friends
1.Take a completely natural photo like above
2.Take a photo with make- up and your usual pose.
3. Post both side by side and post on your page
4. Mention @nunude_official on camption and tag,
hashtag #valentineschallenge 
5. Subscribe to the Youtube Channel 
You and your friends must following and must be subscribed! 
Winner will be announced
14th February 2017 11pm GMT
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