Beautifully Nude  : Read our article featured on the Chic blog

Beautifully Nude : Read our article featured on the Chic blog

It’s a problem that has been ongoing for years – finding the perfect nude. Whether its stockings, bodysuits, dress, there are always issues surrounding the tones and colours of nude garments. In the past few years, the make-up sector has upped its game greatly, serving us hundreds of shades in foundation, powder and lipsticks to match every skin tone. So what about the fashion industry?

In an industry that may be lacking in nude-central diversity, Nünude are opening our eyes to a whole new world. Owners, Vaby and Joanne, met when they started college and clicked automatically due to their shared passion and entrepreneurial way of thinking. Although the duo lived together throughout university and brainstormed business ideas, it wasn’t until they had graduated that they came up with an idea of a brand that catered to all skin colours. At this point in their lives, due to work and other commitments, the business idea was put on a back burner in their minds… until 6-8 months ago. This is when the pair decided it was time to bring their idea to life, left their jobs and pursued a career creating their very own fashion brand.

Nowadays, the pair are working extremely hard on creating the best colours they can to match universal skin tones, not only for underwear but for clothes that are on-trend. They are very aware that there are many different shades of ‘nude’ and everyone’s skin colour suits a different tone.

When asked why they decided to start their very own company, Joanne, replies;‘We both love the idea of having no limits, we tried to work in companies and found we were always tied down to our specific job titles and duties. The idea of having our own company pretty much means we can direct it in any way we may wish without anyone telling us that’s impossible. We love challenges and are so far enjoying the journey very much so.”

With a brand idea that is so niche, Joanne advises the simplicity of the designs derive from the idea of being in the nude. She believes that our bodies and skin tones are beautiful and Nünude’s clothes aim to emulate the body’s natural form.

Citing top designers and high street fashion as their main inspirations, the designs are always current and on-trend. Due to the recent launch, the brand currently work with 6 skin-tone’s for their garments, however they would ideally like to add to these and cover as many skin tones as possible. Their long term plan is to cover all areas – footwear, make-up, accessories and of course, all nude essentials.

Other designers appearing alongside Nünude at this years NWFF include Francesca Couture, KU by Spendlove, Diva Dames and Mode Mwah to name just a few.

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