Nunude - Redefining the undefined term of 'nude' in the fashion industry

Nunude - Redefining the undefined term of 'nude' in the fashion industry

The colour 'nude' hit its climax 2016's hottest trends with top celebrities making this colour very desirable. It also caused some controversial discussions in the press following the Yeezy season 1 and 2 launch. 

Before you read ahead, I would like to ask you to answer the following question.

What colour springs to mind when you hear 'nude'? (feel free to comment your answers)

  • Pink 
  • Beige 
  • Similar to the above


What does the Oxford Dictionary have to say:

1. This definition is correct, 'nude beach' = naked beach, a beach where people are stripped with no clothes. 

2. Pink-beige? Contradictory! 

If nude is bare, naked, uncovered and unclothed surely nude therefore means naked? In other words, the colour nude should be skin colour, every skin tone has its own colour therefore.... SKIN IS NUDE 

Our campaign and brand aims to create this awareness worldwide, nude should match every skin tone. We aim to change the actual definition of nude in the dictionary through our fashion brand. Our simplistic designs derives from the idea of being 'naked' and 'bare'. 


This picture is a true representation of the dictionaries definition of nude. "Pink-Beige tone". 

3 Beautiful women, 3 ethnicities, 3 skin colours YET ONE  nude shade that doesn't compliment ANY of the skin shades. 



Below is our brand: (see the difference)

5 beautiful ladies, 5 ethnicities, 5 skin colours and 5 shades of nude, although we begin our journey with 5 colours with your help we can expand our range to suit every skin colour. We hope you will begin our journey with us, follow us on instagram @nunude_official and subscribe with us to get newsletters, updates and sometimes cheeky discounts. 



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